it's a funny thing about crazy people , they all think they can fly !

it's a funny thing about crazy people , they all think they can fly !

it's a funny thing about crazy people , they all think they can fly !

Bungee Amsterdam

                                                                               Bungee Amsterdam is closed in 2023


Located at the opposite of Central Station in Amsterdam , Bungee Amsterdam offers a unique and extreme experience and is the only bungee jump site in the wide region of Amsterdam. Although bungee jumping exists for many years , Bungee Amsterdam will bring your bungee jump to a new level. Due to the very special location of the bungee site overlooking the centre of Amsterdam and beyond  from 50+ mtrs above ground level and the completely restored monumental crane with 3 (5 star) hotel suites ,a wirlhpool on top of the crane and a hospitality suite on the lower level.                                           click here for more information.

Don’t leave Amsterdam without this breathtaking experience, one you will never forget !

And remember:


Before you arrive at 50 mtrs the crew treats you with a special ride to the top with two different elevators.  Once you arrive at the highest level of the crane you enter the instruction platform, here you will be given proper instructions before you make your’ leap of faith’ !

The jump team taking care of the complete experience consists out of a special  trained staff from Action Events, a company operating bungee since 1998.  (

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Bungee Amsterdam offers a total package for corporate events, product launches and teambuilding.
Because the crane is housing luxurious hotelsuites and a studio for max 60 persons 20 mtrs above the ground floor ,the location is ideally suitable for your teambuilding event, product launch etc.  From our studio you have the best view to your colleague taking her/his jump. Drinks, dinner, music and many more possibilities can be offered . Contact for more information.

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Bungee Amsterdam has been approved by the TUV and has the highest safety standards in The Netherlands. Safety always comes first.
For making a jump you need to be at least 18 years old, healthy and not weighing over 110 kg . Upon entering the instruction platform, you will be requested to sign a waiver. Please note that drugs and alcohol are prohibited.
If you want to surprise your friend(s) with a bungee jump gift voucher as a present/surprise, please contact our headoffice :
The location of the bungee crane makes Bungee Amsterdam one of the highlights in the tourism industry in the wide region of our capital city.
Facing the famous IJ waterfront, overlooking Central Station and the majority of the centre of Amsterdam, you are standing on the bungee platform 50 meters above the ground before you jump into the abyss.
The bungee site is located on the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam Noord.(NDSM plein 78, 1033 WB Amsterdam) From the Central Station the easiest way to get there is to take the ferry  across the IJ river. This will take about 20 minutes , and you can already see the crane on your way. When arriving it is another 5 minutes walk to the crane.